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Career opportunities Exciting tasks Sales is of course a major part of our set up, however, sales is far from all we have to offer as a career. Jobs worldwide. Warsaw One of the sources of inspiration for Werker was the creativity of Polish amateur filmmakers from the communist era , who managed to come up with their own counter - narratives by repurposing the cameras , film and editing tools offered to them in official cine - clubs organised at factories all over the country.

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  • CAC Reading Room. Vilnius Werker archive Werker 3 — Domestic Worker Photographer Network. The Grand Domestic Revolution. Exhibition view. Casco, Utrecht Campaign poster. Bilderkritik 3 — Laundry. Work Like This. Tate Modern. London Leipzig Exhibition view, detail. Why We Work Together? Reverse graffiti action with Justice for Domestic Workers. The Showroom. Informality: Art, economy, precarity.

    Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. Amsterdam Our Work is Never Over. Madrid Visceral Blue. La Capella. Manifesta 11 Parallel Events. Fotomuseum Winterthur. Winterthur Image Act by Vala Thomasz Foltyn. Krakow Photomonth. Bunkier Stuki. Krakow Preliminary Studies Towards the Nieuwe Nieuwsmarkt. Activism to Archivism etc. Experimental Jetset, Werker 7 — The Language of Revolution Index.

    Image: Roberto Ruiz. Werker 7 — The Laguage of Revolution.

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    Werker Correspondent. Werker Correspondent aims to develop an autonomous and economically self-sustainable community of reporters and subscribers. The intention of this network is to function as a direct unmediated information source, communicating the everyday realities in different parts of the world. Werker Correspondent is looking for different kinds of images and affections that can be constructed through a direct connection between contributors and subscribers of the network.

    We propose empathy and solidarity over clashing civilisations. Skip to content. About Werker Collective a. A Gestural History of the Young Worker is an attempt to reconstruct histories of the oppressed. Gestures are primary manifestations of bodies in social space, as they precede words in expressing desire, pain, excitement, relaxation and anxiety.

    Bodies whose capacity to speak is restricted by the environment in which they live, develop a vocabulary beyond the spoken word. Images and documents for this project have been gathered collectively from the variety of visual sources such as propaganda and glossy magazines, museum and library archives, grassroots documentary photography, and paraphernalia found in flea markets. Highlighting these analogies, Werker Collective creates a utopian image of synthesis of work and desire.

    In collaboration with Georgy Mamedov.

    Nicos Weg – A2 – Ganzer Film

    Acting not in the interests of nostalgia, but in order to explore the possibilities of social photography within a contemporary context, Werker have been collaborating with local groups to explore how photography can portray and analyse issues of invisible labour. Domestic, unpaid and volunteer work are just some of the forms of labour recorded or depicted by the subjects themselves.

    The act of self-representation not only empowers the subject, it makes the invisible visible, and serves as a resistance to dominant representations in the media. CCA U-jazdowski, Warsaw Werker 3 starts as an international community of contributors, the so-called 'Domestic Worker Photographer Network'.

    In order to generate a collective and horizontal representation of domestic labour, Werker 3 proposes to reflect on today's living and working conditions starting from 'our shared home duties'.