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The Taj Mahal in Black and White

It was completely back in and has become a massive attraction for international travellers and tourists within India. Located near the city of Agra, protecting the iconic white building has become a priority in recent years , as it was becoming increasingly discoloured from pollution and insects.

The Indian Supreme Court even ordered the state government to take care of the monument or shut it down, while earlier this year, authorities from the Archeological Survey of India ASI limited tourists numbers to 40, per day to help reduce the impact of so many people. Now, the ASI has raised ticket prices in order to help cut down on the number of visitors that flock to the mausoleum each day. The hope is that this will have the dual effect of cutting visitor numbers and generating more revenue to help with conservation efforts.

I was going to actually give the Taj a pass and skip it. After all, how many times has one seen the Taj in movies, images, brochures etc. Many times. But coincidentally, the train route i was taking from Calcutta to Bombay made a needed stop in Agra. I arrived pre dawn and had read in the guide book that the best time to view the Taj was at sunrise, sunset, or under the stars and moon. So by chance I had arrived at an opportune time.

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I hired a boy who pedalled a rickshaw but he went the wrong way! I couldn't believe it.

Eventually we got there and i was the first one in! It helps to get there early! I managed to get a photo with noone in the foreground. I was pleased with that. Part of the magic of seeing the Taj in person is the way the light of the sun and moon play off the marble. The mood of the Taj literally changes. It really is a remarkable experience. I also saw it in the early evening and the mood and sillouette of the Taj impressive. Best seen early or late to avoid the crowds. UK - Sep -. Some sites Machu Pichu, The Pyramids, Petra are hard to review because they are so icconic, that there seems to be nothing more one can add.

The Taj Mahal is another such WHS, which like the afore mentioned places, really does take one's breath away; such is the power of it's radiant marble symetry. However it does not function just upon a grandiose scale, up close the exquisite workmanship stuns, the gardens are seductive, and the ancillery buildings shield you from what by comparrison is the vulgar and mundane of the outside world.

What If UNESCO Withdraws World Heritage Tag Of Taj Mahal: SC Raps UP Govt Over

I'm told the whole ensemble is supposed to be a relisation of heaven on earth. Did they succeed? Well if you can go and decide for yourself, it might just be the closest you get in this life to paradise.

World Heritage Wonders - Taj Mahal (UNESCO/NHK World)

Lived in India in my kids year but now in Canada - Jan -. Sweden -. At first light of dawn, when a cool breeze fills the air and the morning sun shines on the palace, Taj Mahal is at its height of beauty.

Set against the azure skyline, it looks like a mirage in a desert - the greatest monument to love. It was exactly like this when, on an early December morning, I made my first visit to the legendary monument.

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It is certainly also true that it is a very special view to see the early morning sun rays embrace this absolutely magnificent white marbled tomb. History tells that when Shah Jahan started to plan for his OWN mausoleum to be built in black marble across the river Yamuna, his son had just about enough of his fathers spending and locked him up in the Agra Fort. And there he sat until the day he died, gazing at the distant tomb of his long-lost wife. Almost makes you want to shed a tear, right..? Australia -. Mauritius -. Been to the one and only Taj Mahal.

Was amazed when I first saw it - was shocked - what a beauty - its unbelievable to think its a creation of man The terrible thing is that admist dust and poverty, you enter a gate, and here stands a creation of love. Those descriptions sum this wonderful place up better than anything I could say. It's just a shame about the entry fees. What is avoidable is the city of AGRA The Govt.

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If your looking for a basic feature like a clewan usable loo Just admire the beauty of the TAJ. Even things like local political factors should be factored in Holland -. Saw the first shooting star of my life over the Taj Mahal in A special place, a special day, special company too. The Taj Mahal is truly a spectacular symbol of love, art and craftmanship combined. I just hope the authorities can keep the place clean Yorkshire, England -. What can you say about the Taj Mahal? It is certainly an emptional experience to stand in the shaddow or shade!!

People decribe it as a once in a lifetime experience to go there, now let me tell a secret, I have been there every year for the last 5 years. India and its people are the warmest and most welcoming. Forget the expensive package deal, if you know what you are doing you can go there for near enough the same price as going to Spain.

My wife and I have been driven by private taxi from one side of India to the other, now that is an experience. How do you do it? Searching the internet for hotels is ideal. If you get a map of India from any good book store, you can plan your own route. The hotel you stay in will get you a good driver who speaks english and who knows the area that you wish to go on your first leg. Take a leisurely drive and soak in the countryside towns and villages on your way. You will no doubt see weddings in villages, don't be afraid to stop and join in. You will be invited to join in and eat with them.

An excellent experience. When you start to become tired, simply ask your driver to find you a good hotel for the night. You have two choices then, you can send your driver back to Bombay and get your next driver from this hotel and so on. While you are on the road, you will want to stop off for something to eat. The driver will take you to a good clean place that he will know. His reward by the owners for taking you to his restaurant will be free food and drink for the driver.

Taj Mahal : The Unesco World Heritage Site (A Photo Book) - eBook

You can do this all the way accross India at your own leisure. If you find a particularly interesting place you can stay as long as you wish. You could simply tell the driver that you wish to drive for 6 hours with a one hour meal break in between and then stay at the nearest available hotel at the end of the 6 hours. You are paying so you do and go exactly where you want to go.