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Their investigation leads them into a sinister world of jaws and claws, lions and tigers and snakes. But the most dangerous animal of all is the human kind, and the Hardys are headed straight into an ambush. The only way to save the Princess -- and themselves -- is to observe the law of the jungle: beat the hunter at his own game! Slam Dunk Sabotage For Sale The Hardys and their high school basketball team, the Bayport Bombers, are getting ready to play for their championship. One more victory will put them on top.

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But somebody's got a different game plan. Blast the bombers out of contention by knocking Frank and Joe out of the way--for good. But their journey into the desert takes a sharp and sudden detour into danger. Someone is ripping up and ripping off the rare cacti and turning them into cold hard cash on the black market. But the thrills turn to chills when they land in a swamp full of trouble.

From sabotaged boats to quicksand traps to man-eating alligators. Someone's out to drown the Hardys in danger! A new musical play based on the legendary detective is coming to Bayport. There's singing! There's dancing!

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And there's sabotage! But when they find a young woman, barely alive, washed up on the beach, the boys realize that there's trouble in paradise. Because beneath the surface of these calm waters lurk hidden tides of turmoil and terror! For the Hardys, it's full speed ahead as they search for the dark secret of the "Ebony Pearl" before it claims another victim.

Two thugs in ski masks hijack the truck and kidnap Chet! When Frank and Joe find him tied up in an empty garage. The only clue to the identity of his kidnappers is the blue star tattooed on their wrists - the mark of the starz.

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A local street gang. Trial and Terror For Sale In Manhattan to observe a criminal justice case, the Hardys believe the accused is being railroaded. From the upper floors of the Empire State Building to the tunnels beneath Grand Central Station, the Hardys throw themselves on the fast track to justice--fighting for both an innocent man and their lives. The Hardy's have learned that the area has been struck by a rash of break-ins, with dozens of homes ransacked and piles of valuable stolen.

And it's been going on, unchecked, for years! The Chase for the Mystery Twister For Sale Frank and Joe encounter a bizarre phenomenon: the aftermath of a fierce twister that defies scientific explanation.

To get at the truth, the Hardys will have to put themselves in the path of destruction--and face the explosive fury of a criminal mastermind! The Crisscross Crime For Sale Bank alarms are going off all over Bayport, but the robberies are actually happening at banks on the other side of town. The Hardys realize that the crooks are using a crisscross plan as a diversion, but what they don't realize is that the heist is much bigger than they had imagined. Three kidnappings follow. Are they alien abductions or the work of down-to-earth criminals? But after a couple of days of competition, the President's son is kidnapped and the Hardys must launch an all-out search for America's first son.


Eye On Crime For Sale After the Hardys' girlfriends are hypnotized at the taping of a daily TV variety show, all seems fine -- until they are arrested the next day for robbing a jewelry store. Even more suspicious: this is the second store robbery committed by teens in just two days! Can the boys crack the case and clear their girlfriends' names?

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Even more cool -- the contest takes place on a caribbean cruise ship! But it's not long before suspicious pranks threaten to ruin the contest: one of the Teenway interns nearly falls overboard, the "mystery scene" the contestants studied gets tampered with, and someone may have poisened the food! How can the Hardys solve this titanic mystery? With the help of five teen detectives, of course -- along with their own expert investigating skills.

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But they's better move fast, because a culprit lurks beneath the caribbean sun -- and it's sink or swim for Frank and Joe. But sure enough, trouble finds its way to the inn -- and the boys must solve an intricate case involving thievery and international jewel smuggling. The Hardys learn that the hard way when they go undercover to investigate strange happenings on the grounds. In no time at all, they get jumped, smoked out, and booby-trapped. The Hardys have never run from a challenge, and they're not about to start now.

Someone will do anything to shut the center down. Frank and Joe have a clue why: there's a secret buried somewhere on the center's grounds -- a very valuable secret that's worth a lot more than the lives of two young detectives! The Lure Of The Italian Treasure For Sale Frank and Joe are spending the summer on an archaeological dig on an Italian count's property, and they get to stay in the count's villa--along with Francesca, his attractive teenage daughter.

But no sooner does Joe unearth a fabulous cache of jewelry than it vanishes. The London Deception For Sale While on a student-exchange program in England, Frank and Joe help out with the dress rehersal for a new murder-mystery play. But suddenly Joe is nearly cooked by exploding stage lights! An accident? But when "accidents" start happening all over the production, a real mystery is in the air. Rumors are flying about the spirit of an actress who died in the theater one hundred years ago. Could the culprit be a vengeful gost?

Or is this the work of something -- or someone -- a little too close to this world for comfort? Daredevils For Sale Stunt work is dangerous enough, but someone is looking to really push stuntman McCauley over the edge. So when Mr. Hardy agrees to look into Terrence's odd string of accidents, Frank and Joe decide to make it a family affair. Things get really interesting when Joe poses as Terrence to protect him -- and when the culprit captures the Hardy boys' parents to use as bait. Is his disappearance a move in a deadly real-life game? Training For Trouble For Sale The combat sports training facility has just opened in Bayport, and the Hardys are on hand to check it out. They can practice judo, fencing, archery, and biathlon, and meet aspiring athletes from all over. But good times turn to bad sportsmanship when Joe's girlfriend, Iola, gets a nasty electrical shock during a fencing workout.

Then someone decides to use Frank for target practice on the archery range. Now the Hardys are wondering if the events are more than accidents. How far will world-class competitors go to win? The old mining town of Morgan's Quarry is the nearest place for help.

Offshore secrecy

But even the run-down, isolated town turns menacing when two tough locals drop a bag full of money in front of the brothers! Joe and Frank are stonewalled when they ask about the money. The roads are washed out, the phones are down, and a crumbling mansion hides a gold mine of secrets. Every fork in the road leads to more danger Securitech, the firm where Jake works, is wiring the city to catch wrongdoers. But to pass one of his courses, Jake may have to reveal some secret information, and now he's in a bind.

When security cameras keep going off-line and more criminal activity gets city officials up in arms, Jake is the main suspect. Someone's cracking the codes in the system -- and it's up to the Hardys to get the criminals in focus. Business is booming, but when Frank and Joe visit the shop, Cody tells them he's been the victim of a string of burglaries, computer thefts, and threatening messages. The Hardys immediately pinpoint a suspect -- a criminal who was once caught in a sting by Cody's father, a policeman.

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Now there's danger everywhere for Frank and Joe -- from a cable car accident to the dense redwood forests of Muir Woods to the foggy, ice-cold waters off Alcatraz. The brothers are running hard and thinking fast -- up against a smart, desperate enemy ready to skin them alive! But the Hardys' friend Chet is really upset when his confiscated deck is stolen from a teacher's locked desk. With the big tournament coming up, Joe and Frank do their best to catch the thief, and uncover a web of Internet action, trading, selling, and a criminal scheme to net giant profits along the way Past And Present Danger For Sale Frank and Joe's Aunt Gertrude leads a pretty quiet life -- until an old high school friend turns up in Bayport.

Clayton Silvers once had a distinguished career as an investigative reporter. Then he was accused of falsifying some of his articles and even taking money to expose his subjects. Now he's in town, working on the explosive story that he says will be his comeback.